This is Philadelphia Sculptors' online resource bank
for artist opportunities and grant possibilities.

inliquid.com- Many local (Pennsylvania) and world opportunities for artists.

Adams County Arts Council - Gettysburg area arts organization offering opportunities for membership and juried art exhibitions and contests, including the annual Gettysburg Festival in June.

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center - Residency program which makes industrial technologies and facilities available to artists

www.sculptor.org - comprehensive site for sculptors includes artist opportunities, resources, sculpture organizations, services, events, technical information, publications and additional benefits for members.

theartbiz.com (you need to join for full range of services) - includes opportunities, career info., banking, resources, art supplies, interviews, legal and business information. Based in Philadelphia.

globalartinfo.com - subscription fee (different levels), international opportunities, own web page.

artistresource.org - Artist resource offers career development, opportunities, tools and techniques to artists and writers, primarily in the San Francisco Bay area.

Grants and Proposals!

The Foundation Center
Your gateway to philanthropy on the World Wide Web .On this site you will find links to many of the grant sources.

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts - Grant information

New York Foundation for the Arts has artist information, opportunities, resources. They are working on a comprehensive database for artists which will be available in September or October 2002.

Arts and Healing Network - a clear and helpful listing of grants opportunities for artists.

Grantstech.com Guide to Winning Grants - Information about grant-writing and finding funding sources

Creative Capital - Application & Guidelines

Resources and information!

ArtSource- a gathering point for networked resources on art and architecture

castcraft.com - information on casting resources, techniques, materials.

woodweb.com - information on wookworking resources, techniques, materials.

textilearts.net - resources, supplies, information for fiber artists.

glassnotes.com - resources, supplies, information for artists work-ing in hot glass.

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